Transference, Love, Being – Essential Essays from the Field

by Andrea Celenza, PhD.

Through a series of expansive essays, this book explores the centrality of love in psychoanalytic practice. Starting with the immersion of the analyst, this book reimagines several aspects of the psychoanalytic process, including transference, countertransference, boundaries, embodiment, subjectivity and eroticism. To love is to cultivate to beread more >

Erotic Revelations: Clinical Applications and Perverse Scenarios

by Andrea Celenza, PhD.

This book is about erotic desires and fantasies, how our sexuality expresses our inner being and defines the ways in which we engage in the psychoanalytic situation. We are drawn… read more >

Sexual Boundary Violations: Therapeutic, Academic, and Supervisory Contexts

by Andrea Celenza, PhD.

Sexual boundary violations are considered the most serious ethical infraction in the mental health profession, as well as in higher education and pastoral counseling.  read more >

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What makes life worth living? This is a question that goes to the heart of our everyday experience. The ability to love, work, and play with joy, intensity, creativity, and freedom. These are signs of healthy, meaningful living. My psychotherapy and psychoanalysis practice is devoted to helping individuals and couples get as close as they […]

Andrea Celenza

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