SBV: How do they happen?

This video lecture is designed for Ethics Seminars or private use

This is a one and a half-hour video-recorded powerpoint lecture on the subject of sexual boundary violations and how they come about. It is a distillate of my teaching on this subject and is aimed at mental health practitioners of all disciplines. It is the perfect addition to any ethics course and/or can be viewed individually or by a group. Approval for continuing education credits is in progress.

This online lecture presents the problem of sexual boundary violations among mental health practitioners and other relationships that contain an inherent power imbalance. Such relationships include therapist/client, supervisor/supervisee, teacher/student and clergy/parishioner. The form of the workshop is multi-media, power point. I review and incorporate findings from empirical studies on prevalence, precursors, risk factors and prevention.

This workshop is relevant to the full spectrum of professionals in the mental health field including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, psychotherapists, psychology professors and supervisors, researchers, trainees, students, and supervisees.  This workshop will also have wide appeal to consumers of psychotherapy, the potential victims of sexual misconduct. Though I discuss the various issues at a high academic level, this workshop will appeal to graduate students and mental health practitioners at every stage in their professional career. It is especially needed for those in mid- to late-career when sexual transgressions are more likely to occur.

While discussing the problem of sexual misconduct is no longer taboo, evidence suggests that prevalence has not decreased nor are there programs, teaching methods, or preventative measures that adequately address the problem.  This online video, based on my work (Celenza, 2007) and other researchers in this area (e.g., Schoener et al., 1989; Gabbard and Lester, 1995), addresses this gap by providing educators, trainers, and clinicians with expertise to enhance programs, ethics workshops, seminars, and other educative or clinical teaching projects. This workshop provides professionals with guidance on how to understand the problem of sexual misconduct from a variety of perspectives, including precursors, risk factors, supervisory concerns, psychodynamic underpinnings, preventative methods, and rehabilitation efforts.

This online lecture is the perfect addition to an ethics seminar for undergraduate and graduate students as well as trainees and candidates aspiring to become psychotherapeutic practitioners of all types. It is also a necessary addition for all ethics committees or other adjudicative bodies that need to understand the problem of sexual boundary transgressions in order to make their determinations.

Cost:  Individual use = $450; Groups up to 20 = $750. Contact me for special discounted rates for larger groups: or telephone: 781-652-8944.

After payment is processed, you will be sent a link and password to the online videorecorded lecture for viewing anytime within one week. Viewing can be multiple times, projected to a group or watched individually within that week.

Problems? Please contact me via email or telephone: 781-652-8944.