SBV Consultations

Aside from my general private practice of adults in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, I provide specialized consultation to those involved with sexual boundary transgressions. I have seen over 300 transgressors and over 100 victims of sexual boundary transgressions. I have become involved in these cases at different points and respond on a case by case basis, depending on what is needed. My aim is to help and support all those involved so that psychological care can be provided in an ethical and healthy manner.

For victims of sexual boundary transgressions, I am most often asked to provide consultation, Expert Witness Testimony and/or therapy aimed at addressing the trauma and sequellae of sexual misconduct.  All consultations, either short-term or long-term, are confidential. The nature, length, and cost of an evaluation or treatment are decided on a case by case basis. (See Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony  for additional information.)

For transgressors, the majority of consultations involve a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation.  Aside from evaluations, I have conducted rehabilitative psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy, supervisions (as part of rehabilitation), Expert Witness Testimony and/or consultations to institutions. (See Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony for additional information.) Most of the time, I am hired by an overseeing professional agency, such as a licensing board or professional organization, to evaluate a transgressor or victim, although many are self-referred. Though consultations for transgressors are also confidential, the boundaries of confidentiality usually extend to the hiring agency as well; the nature of the privilege is discussed in detail in advance.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations are extensive and include: 4-5 hours of personal interviewing, psychological testing (in addition to interview), document review, ancillary contacts (usually by telephone, but could also be in person), and a 9-12 page report. The evaluations elaborate the cause(s) of the transgression (e.g.  character issues, situational factors, mental health problems, poor training) and prognosis for rehabilitation. If rehabilitation is indicated, I propose a detailed and multi-faceted rehabilitation regimen.