Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony

Expert Witness Consultation and/or Testimony is available on a case by case basis for those seeking specialized knowledge in situations of sexual and nonsexual boundary violations, sexual harassment, or general psychotherapy or psychoanalysis consultation. I have evaluated over 300 transgressors and more than 100 victims of sexual boundary transgressions. Many of these cases have involved Expert Witness Testimony in civil court or professional organizations such as licensing boards, ethics committees, or professional hearing boards. I have also provided testimony in academic contexts.

For victims of sexual boundary transgressions, I am most often asked to provide consultation, Expert Witness Testimony and/or psychotherapy aimed at addressing the trauma and sequellae of sexual misconduct. All consultations, either short-term or long-term, are confidential. The nature, length, and cost of an evaluation or treatment are decided on a case by case basis.

For transgressors, cases usually involve a detailed analysis of the circumstances surrounding the alleged transgression, assessment of the credibility of all parties involved, evaluation of the evidence and assessment of the attendant ethical obligations associated with the professional organization, discipline and statutory licensing. A large number of consultations involve a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation as well (see Evaluation tab on this website).

For more detailed information about Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony, including fees, travel contingencies, and other issues, contact me at my office:  781-652-8944 or via email: